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How to become a member ?

Step 1: Fill out the adhesion form available on this web page. Read, review and acknowledge the adhesion terms and conditions, the utilization terms and conditions along with the confidentiality agreement. The articles of association can also be downloaded. 



Step 2: According to our articles of association, the Board will review your application and will revert within a 1month time frame at last. 


Step 3: If the application is of interest to the Board, you will receive a link by email to pay your premium bill (payable by credit card or by wire transfer) 



Step 4:  Once your payment has been received, we will send out your payment receipt. 

Who can join ? 

Members of the association can be regardless of their nationalities:


  • any individual

  • any legal entity (foundations, professional federations, agencies, corporations).

The number of members is not subject to any restriction. 


What are the adhesion benefits ?


Once you become a member you will: 


  • join the annual general assembly meeting, 

  • receive the newsletter (monthly, the first in september 2019)

  • aware of the five colleges missions 

  • participate in missions implemented by one or several colleges 

  • participate in conferences, visits, seminars, workshops scheduled by the foundation. 


How much will you pay ? 


The premium bill is valid for 12 months as from the first complete payment date. Since June 20, 2019 the premium bill amount varies depending on the member as follows: 

Individuals :


  • Students and adults of 25 years old or less: 15 €

  • Others: 35 €


Legal entities :


  • Foundations, trade unions, schools, higher education schools, universities: €250

  • Corporations with revenues excluding taxes for the previous fiscal year of €500,000€: €500

  • Corporations with revenues excluding taxes for the previous fiscal year ranging from €500,001 et  €2,000,000: €1,000

  • Corporations with revenues excluding taxes for the previous fiscal year above €2,000,000: €1,500 


Our foundation is not subject to taxes. The premium bill is determined each year by the Board conforming to its articles. In case of premium bill amount change, any previously paid premium bill will not be affected by this change for the 12 month period coverage.

You'd like to support the Association 

Restoring Notre-Dame


French Association for the restoration of the cathedral Notre - Dame de Paris wood framework 


The heart of the spire Viollet le Duc 

Photo @ ijnuhbes 

A new wood framework designed for the cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris

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