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Notre-Dame de Paris: General Jean-Louis GEORGELIN speaks

Jean-Louis Georgelin, former chief of staff of the armies, CEO of the Public Establishment in charge of the conservation and restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral was the guest on Sunday January 5, 2020 of the GrandRDV on CNEWS and EUROPE 1 in partnership with Les Echos.

The association Restaurons Notre-Dame is ready to support the Public Establishment and the "task force" of General Jean-Louis Georgelin in its mission to restore the roof of the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris. To do this, it brings together all the skills in wood engineering and roofing expertise available in France.

It makes available to the public establishment the work of its Culture, World Historical Heritage & Stone and Wood Art commission, a multidisciplinary space for reflection for a real “restoration-reconstruction” of the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, which respects UNESCO World Heritage.

General Jean-Louis Georgelin, Sunday January 5, 2020 (C NEWS - Europe 1 - Les Echos)

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